INNER Management

The resources to manage our emotions and be happy are within.

Learn how your mind works and find INNER peace with this course.


If you are looking to develop a conscious living and understand how your mind works, 

in INNER Management program I share psychology and spiritual practices.

Join our 3 courses!


INNER Management I


Our thoughts and emotions can create suffering and disease. With resources from within we can tame our mind.

On the first course I walk with you in the journey to INNER Peace. To enjoy the journey of life.

INNER Management II


We have a tendency to think and fall in the same mistakes.

Let’s explore a new interpretation while we dive in the unconscious mind.

INNER Management III


A deep analysis in relationships and our place in our family tree.

Each course includes:

7 individual sessions
(1 hour)

Guided Meditations​

INNER Management Manual and recommended lectures.

Certificate of Participation

Calm the mind, reduce stress and develope self-awareness.

7 Sessions
with me!

vÍA Zoom

Online connection, from wherever you are!

In person

You are welcome to have the sessions in my space in Horten.


Dariella Scavino

I created this program after traveling the globe and experience in myself what I have learned on buddhism, psychology, ayurveda and yoga.

Is a journey within and we will meditate and practice Mindfulness.

" This course (IM 2) for me was not only 7 sessions, it is actually a whole transformation process that guides you to connect with yourself, know how to understand what your body wants to say, identify the signals that we are having day by day, always be in the present and avoid getting carried away by anxiety. But above all to find that magical state of inner peace and stability. "
HR Psy

We are going to explore the Self and Consciousness so that you know and master your internal resources.


It is designed to take your time, to self-investigate despite being immersed in the work or personal maelstrom, and to get to know yourself better. I think it is necessary to look inside because outside you will not find the harmony and calm that you need.


We will understand and practice this mindfulness attitude. You will learn the deep meaning of letting go of what is left over, turning the page and living fully in the present.


You will understand how to turn meditation and mindfulness into a permanent state. You will know the power of habits and how to make important changes in your life towards emotional and mental balance.


You will learn and cultivate the practice of this powerful tool. We will observe the mind and understand how it works and the power of thoughts.


Understanding of our internal resources, of your self-worth and the importance of the inner look. You will understand your life purpose.


Most frequent questions and answers

The total prices of INNER Management I is NOK 3.500.-

INNER Management II & III NOK 3.000/each.


Living a purposeful life means knowing yourself deeply and being consistent in what you do, think, and say.

You will understand your real motivation  behind every action.

We are going to explore the self and Consciousness so that you know and master your internal resources.

We are going to explore our main goals in life and answer this questions:

1. How does my mind work?

2. Who am I?

3. How to act in a challenging situation?

4. What motivates us?

5. What do I get attached to?

6. How do I focus my attention?

7. What is my purpose?

We will coordinate after your registration the best time that suits both of us!

Attention is from monday to friday:

Europe 8:00 – 18:00

LatinAmerica 5:00 am – 11:00 am


"Muchas gracias Dariella por este viajazo interior que me ha permitido volver a contactar con mi niño interior que tan olvidado tenía. Además, las diferentes meditaciones que hemos practicado durante las sesiones me han permitido también integrar en mi vida aspectos de mi vida personal y familiar que estaban hechos pedazo en mi interior. Por último, ha sido también muy enriquecedor encontrar ese espacio de reflexión para conocer más a fondo mis potencialidades y deseos, lo que me ha ayudado a tomar importantes decisiones en mi vida profesional actual. Muchas gracias por tu cercanía, sensibilidad y profesionalidad. Namaste!"
IM 1