Peace of Mind For every employee

A new standart of mental health

We understand the importance of creating a positive and fulfilling work environment for employees. We want your employees to not only feel appreciated and valued, but to also experience a sense of peace and contentment while working for your company.

Our INNER Management workshop in companies allow to reduce stress, anxiety, develop concentration and emotional intelligence.

Your employees will learn the management of emotions and resources within, for a healthy and peaceful mind.

What makes us unique?

Self-awareness and INNER Peace through Psychology and Eastern spirituality.


With personalized mental healthcare approach we provide the right care from the very start, with clarity and solutions for each particular situation.

We complement your traditional employee assistance program with effective solution for employee well-being.


in Horten

Sessions are held on-site, in our Horten office or virtually.

INNER Management

Techniques to calm the mind and overcome afflictive emotions.

Increase Productivity.

Get the best of your employees.

Improve comunication

Open communication between your teams.

Reduce absence

Reduce the number of sick days, distractions and lack of focus during work and life.

Healthy working enviroment

Increase satisfaction, build culture and improve teamwork.



A Mindful coffee break in the office.

15 minutes group meeting to “cut” the day, relax and practice Mindfulness.

Grupal sessions could be held: Wednesday or Friday, at times to be agreed.

Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Is a systematic approach that serves to develop new types of control in our lives and wisdom based on our ability to relax, pay attention and acquire a deep awareness.

3 sessions workshop.

IM Course

A journey within for self-awareness, raise self esteem and find the harmony and calm needed.

Techniques for insight,  observe the mind and understand individual needs and strategies.

During 7 sessions the employee will understand the deep meaning of letting go of  afflictive emotions, enhance self worth and live fully in the present.


Support in achieving specific goals in the company, encouraging self-discovery and gain clarity to identify what pulls you back and your potential, in order to grow in business, wellbeing & personal life.

By being fully present you can relief tensions, focus on what has a positive impact at work and creat healthy habits.

Office Yoga in Vestfold

Yoga for Companies

Yoga in your office are exercises, breathing techniques and meditation, in a sequence to relax muscles and join pain, which is the biggest reason for sick leave in Norway.

One class

A weekly class can benefit body and mind in a pause that helps to relaxation, improve posture and learn breathing excercises. The cost of one hour yoga class for up to 20 employees in your location is NOK 1.300.


For a package of 8 yoga classes a month the cost of one hour yoga class for up to 20 employees in your location is NOK 1.000.

Classes are in English.


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Proven results

For Employers

We are your allie in providing personalized mind health solution to employees going through stress, anxiety or personal crisis.

Our course was created to help corporate employees reduce stress and develope empathy with co-workers.

Is a new approach to mental health with old tools, in order for the employer to have another alternative to support collaborators.

Employees will view your Company as socially responsible.

For Employees

Customized care plan to find relief to daily stress and strategies for mental wellness.

Strategies to overcome  particular needs: Stress. lack of confidence, sleep issues, relationship issues, Burnout, trauma or anxiety

Personal appointment can be held in the office, videocall or in our office in Horten.

No waiting list.

We believe that providing employees with a sense of peace of mind is crucial to their overall well-being and productivity.

Employers work hard to ensure that their work policies and procedures are fair and just, that their employees have access to necessary resources for their work, and that they provide a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

We work as a team as we also recognize the importance of work-life balance and that prioritizing the well-being of your employees we hope to foster a positive and productive work environment where everyone can thrive both personally and professionally.


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